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Name:supernatural icon directory
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Community description:One place for all your Supernatural icon needs!
Welcome one, welcome all to [community profile] spnicons, a brand spanking new icon community dedicated to Supernatural. This isn't a community post icons ('cause really, do need more?), it's a community to find icons!

Have you ever went back, watched an episode and gone, "Ya know, I really want an icon of Dean's angst face at that exact moment?" but, like, how are you supposed to find it if the episode aired six months ago? Two years ago? Way back in the beginning of time?! Here's how!

[community profile] spnicons is here to bring together links to quality icons from all over the internet!

[community profile] ackles
[community profile] fandom_icons
[community profile] padalecki
[community profile] spn

Layout & Mini Icon Credits here @ [ profile] noveltybox
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